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How do I permanently turn on line numbers in IntelliJ IDEA 14? This post is outdated: how-can-i-permanently-have-line-numbers-in-intellij

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Permanently (Ubuntu):

File > Settings > Editor > General > Appearance > Show Line Numbers

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For just the current editor: View > Active Editor > Show Line Numbers

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  • The process is basically the same for the Windows version of Intellij IDEA as well. – levininja Jan 27 '16 at 17:23

You can do it even faster, using the Search Everywhere tool (press Shift twice): type "Show Line Numbers" (or even "line") and the top hit is the switch for permanent line numbers. Enable Line Numbers

There are 2 switches for line numbers, one that has a On/Off switch and works globally, and one without the switch - for the current file. And one more for the Active Editor (current file).

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Go to Settings/Editor/General/Appearance and enable Show line numbers to permanently show line numbers for all editors.

The solution with View > Active Editor > Show Line Numbers seems to work only for the active editor (when you close the current tab or open a new file you have to enable it again).

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Go to Preferences > Editor > Appearance, and select the Show line numbers check box.

It will turn on the line numbers permanently.

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Just right click and enable Lines in Windows. For more info check this link.

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IntelliJ IDEA 15.0.3

File > Settings > Editor > General > Appearance > Show Line Numbers

IntelliJ IDEA 15.0.3


In Android Studio 1.3.2 (a variety of IntelliJ Idea) you can find the "Show line numbers" checkbox under:

Android Studio > Preferences > Editor > General > Appearance

Or, if you type "line numbers" into the main search box you'll be presented with a switch you can set right there.

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