Hi I am a newbie to git and I don't understand what is the basic difference between git reset and git revert. Does git revert reverts the merge being pushed ?


As far as I know, they are doing totally different thing.

git revert aimed to revert effects of previous commit. For example,

A <- B <- C 
          ^ HEAD

If I found B I committed before is wrong, and I want to "undo" its change, git-revert-ing B will cause:

A <- B <- C <- B'
               ^ HEAD

for which B' is reversing the change done in B.

git reset is more straight-forward, it is simply setting the HEAD to a certain commit,

A <- B <- C 
          ^ HEAD

git-reset-ting to B will give you

A <- B <- C 
     ^ HEAD
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  • 5 seconds easy read and understood - great answer! – Bruce Jan 28 '16 at 0:24
  • Is there any ways to show the "tree map" (ex: A <- B <- C ^ HEAD) with command line ? I really want to see it. thank you. – Catbuilts Nov 13 '16 at 14:32

Git reset -->move the tip of a branch to a different commit. This can be used to remove commits from the current branch. It moves the branch backwards by commits. Git Revert-->undoes a commit by creating a new commit. This is a safe way to undo changes, as it has no chance of re-writing the commit history.

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