I want to develop an eclipse plugin. Which is the best way to start?


This tutorial is a good place to start. Then you might expand your knowledge by reading one of the more recent Eclipse RCP books, such as "Practical Eclipse RCP Projects". I personally started off with the tutorial about RCP that comes with the Eclipse SDK, so might want to check it out as well - it's basically a shorter version of the first tutorial I recommended you.


I have found the book Eclipse Plugins to be a good starting point


Eclipse: Building Commercial-Quality Plug-ins (2nd Edition) is a good book.


Don't forget to use the Eclipse RCP package, specifically designed to build a rich client application.

RCP Icon

See this Eclipse packages comparison table.


alt text

Contributing to Eclipse should be a very good choice.


This tutorial is also a good start: http://www.eclipsepluginsite.com/index.html


Apart from the Eclipse PDE Documentation, I've found this pdf to be very useful in gaining better understanding regarding the plugin development.

Plugin Exercies (http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/lieber/courses/csu670/f05/project/PluginExercises.pdf)

Solving these exercises will really help.

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