I'm trying to make a lookup to a hash table m.notes using concatenated value of position.qid and literal ".qid" like this:

$tag(name="itemId", content=m.notes.(position.qid".qid").itemId)$

I tried different options, but I get runtime error. Can someone correct my syntax?


Put the 2 items in an array. StringTemplate concatenates all items in an array (or as they call it, a multi-valued-attribute) when it executes a ToString() on it.

[position.qid, ".qid"]

So, if position.qid evaluates to "hello", this expression would become hello.qid.

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    This is correct, although it's not easy to understand. It all happens inside the ST-Template. The answer to the question would be like this: $tag(name="itemId", content=m.notes.([position.qid,".qid"]).itemId)$ – Horst Lemke Feb 13 '17 at 7:40

Not sure whether such concatenation is possible in string template. Why don't you use a different method that could do the concatenation and return the value.

e.g: position.fullQid instead of position.qid


public String getFullQid(){
return getQid() + ".qid";

in template group, I can do like this, first, define a concantenate template: concantenate(substr)::="" then use as following (concantenate([position.qid,".qid"]))

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