I want to const_value_type be const even if T is a pointer, which is not possible with std::add_const<>
So I tried something like this:

template<typename value_type, bool is_pointer>
struct add_const_pointer{
    typedef const value_type type;

template<typename value_type>
struct add_const_pointer<value_type, true>{
    typedef const value_type *type;

template<typename T>
class Foo
    typedef T value_type;
    typedef add_const_pointer<std::remove_pointer<T>, std::is_pointer<T>::value>::type const_value_type; 
    // here I get compiler error: missing type specifier - int assumed.

but I get compiler error: missing type specifier - int assumed.


clang error message would help

typedef typename add_const_pointer<
//      ~~~~~~~~ Add typename
  • Thank you very much... now I am not sure why I have to add typename – Quest Nov 20 '14 at 17:21

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