I plan to create an Apple Watch app. Is there a way to access the haptic feedback via WatchKit?


No there isn't. The following is from this post https://devforums.apple.com/thread/254540?tstart=15.

There is no access to these hardware features at this time, though there is presentation of a text input controller via WKInterfaceController, which will involve the microphone. Past that, I have no information concerning forthcoming releases.

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    Note that this is true only for the original version of WatchKit. See other answers for API features of subsequent versions. – Kristopher Johnson Jun 19 '15 at 13:18

Yes. As of watchOS 2.0, you can give haptic feedback with the play() method method like this:

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    There's also a full guide here which goes through the different WKHapticType options and what they all mean. – thealienisreal Jun 23 '15 at 17:29

For now, the only way to give haptic feedback is by showing a notification.

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