In the 0.9.x version, we can get socket by ID like this:


But in 1.0.x we can't. How to find a socket by id in 1.0.x?


For socket.io 1.0 use:


For 0.9 its io.sockets.sockets[socketId] and not io.sockets.socket[socketId]

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    For namespaced connections I could not access it via io.sockets.connected[socketId].emit() but it did work similarly var nsp = io.of('/my-namespace'); then nsp.connected[socketId].emit(). Thanks – Luckylooke Sep 22 '16 at 5:03
  • Agreeing with @Luckylooke, I can put it into a one liner like this: io.of('/namespace').connected[socketId].emit('message-tag', data, callback) I think it is worth to mention that I can also pass a callback function as a bridge to request data from the connected client this way. – Aryo Jan 26 at 22:03

you can also use like:

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Socket.io Version 2.0.3+

    let namespace = null;
    let ns = _io.of(namespace || "/");
    let socket = ns.connected[socketId] // assuming you have  id of the socket
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The most simlple way I tried is:

var socket1 = io.of("/").connected[socketId];

Then you can do

socket1.join("some room");
socket1.leave("some room");

or other things you want.

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