Have anybody experiences with Bluetooth Smart development to iOS? I need to use iDevice as BLE advertising peripheral according to GAP layer specification. I use LightBlue for switching to peripheral role. Central device is based on Texas Instruments solution based on CC2541 wireless mcu. My issue is following:

  • Central discover advertising iDevice
  • connect it
  • after circa 10 seconds iDevice send event about disconnect.

Session is established with connection parameters according to Apple Bluetooth LE guidelines:

  • maximum connection interval: 100ms
  • minimum connection interval: 100ms
  • connection timeout: 3100ms
  • slave latency: 0

Could anyone with experiences help? It is very important for me.

Thank you for any help,

Martin Petrik



If you just connect to the iDevice it will disconnect from you. You have to discover services and/or configure a service, pairing might work too. The iDevice won't allow you to connect and "do nothing", it will disconnect after several seconds. Since you are using a TI radio and I'm assuming a TI stack, I recommend using the TI E2E forums for any further questions.

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