I'm not sure how to select a different git repo for each different module I have in my IDEA project, I'm not seeing any option for that, all the git options seem to only relate to one git repo.

Is there a way to differentiate them?, so:

(All inside the same project)

Module A -> repo A
Module B -> repo B


enter image description here

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Go to Settings/Version Control, there you can configure different VCS roots per directory. So in your case define one VCS root per directory containing the module. You should remove the VCS entry <Project> and just add entries for individual modules so that it looks something like this:

VCS config

If you have files modified in several different repositories and hit CTRL+K or otherwise open the commit dialog all changed files will be selected and when you commit your changes a new commit with the same message will be created in all repositories containing the changed files.

If you want to commit files from just a single module either manually select them in the commit dialog or right click your module, go to Git and select Commit Directory.

To push the commits just hit CTRL+SHIFT+K and you should see something like this (notice that both modules are included).

Push dialog

  • It's all working now, except the push part. When I select the module and go toVCS->Git->Push it only shows one module, the first one I created when I created the project. The other modules are not in the list, so I can't push the changes. Any idea why this could be happenning?.
    – Artemix
    Nov 24, 2014 at 19:25
  • Could you please update your question with screenshot of your VCS roots configuration and your project structure? Or some information like that. The push dialog works just fine for me (displays commits to push for both modules). My test project structure is project/{module1,module2}. Nov 24, 2014 at 19:55
  • I will, give me a sec.
    – Artemix
    Nov 24, 2014 at 20:05
  • Sorry I can't upload a screenshot of the entire project structure, because of NDA. About the project structure I can tell you that Ihave one project, that contains 2 modules, the first module works alright, and the second added module is the problematic one. The modules don't share folder paths, I mean, they are in different folders without descendants in common.
    – Artemix
    Nov 24, 2014 at 20:46
  • I understand. Based on your screenshot you might want to try removing the <Project> VCS root as it might be overriding the VCS roots for individual modules maybe? I added screenshots of my working setup to the answer, hope it will help Nov 24, 2014 at 20:54

You might have to edit the vcs.xml manually:

  • open the vcs.xml of the top module / project

    ex.: ~/[Top module folder]/.idea/vcs.xml
  • Add the vcs entry:

    <mapping directory="$USER_HOME$/sub_module01" vcs="Git" />
    <mapping directory="$USER_HOME$/sub_module02" vcs="Git" />

Okay I think I cracked this one for my circumstance anyway... very confusing as there doesn't seem to be specific instructions on how to set this up anywhere. I have a project that houses an Angular-CLI client-side app and a Grails API server-side app.

So if you are trying to set up CVS using GIT for a multi-moduled project and want to use a separate git repository for each module, not the entire project, then....

  1. Add additional roots by File > Settings > Version Control >
  2. Click the '+' symbol > browse to the project root and select the module folder > OK > VCS: select Git > OK
  3. Repeat step 2 for all other modules
  4. Once all modules are add that you wish to commit to individual repositories > click the settings OK
  5. YES, YES, you will immediately be alerted with a 'VCS root mapping' error!!!
  6. Don't panic. Select the module from the Intellij 'Project/Solution' browser.
  7. Right-click > select Git > Commit Directory > Unversioned Files click the 'browse' link and select the module directory and click the green '+' icon.
  8. You will be warned that that the module is already under Git control but go ahead and add it anyway.
  9. Repeat steps 7-9 for all other modules.
  10. This will remove the 'VCS root mapping' error.
  11. Now go to your version control window which should be located a the bottom of the Intellij application window. There should be an unversioned folder > expand > and you will see all modules listed here.
  12. Add each of the modules by clicking the '+' button... again???!!! :-)
  13. Right-click the default tree and select 'commit and push'.
  14. This will commit all the modules to the local VCS Git
  15. Once the commit has completed a dialogue 'Push Commits' will appear where you will see that each module has an open to add your remote repo url for each module!!!!
  16. Yey!!!!

Hope this is helpful for all :-)

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