I use a clode server to test my django small project , I type in manage.py runserver & ,and then I log out my cloude server ,I can visit mysite normally but when I reload my cloude server , I don't know how to stop the development server, I had to kill the process to stop it, is there anyway to stop the development?

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    This is a good question. Yes, all of us know how to kill a process but when a service provides a start option, you assume you don't know something... and look for a stop. It is rather an oversight that django breaks this paradigm. – KateYoak Oct 5 '15 at 20:39

The answer is findable via Google -- and answered in other forums. Example solution is available on the Unix & Linux StackExchange site.

To be explicit, you could do:

ps auxw | grep runserver

This will return the process and its respective PID, such as:

de        7956  1.8  0.6 540204 55212 ?        Sl   13:27   0:09 /home/de/Development/sampleproject/bin/python ./manage.py runserver

In this particular case, the PID is 7956. Now just run this to stop it:

kill 7956

And to be clear / address some of the comments, you have to do it this way because you're running the development server in the background (the & in your command). That's why there is no "built-in" Django stop option...

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    Can you bring the job to the foreground using 'fg' on the command line? I toggled mine to bg then back to fg. Then CONTROL-C stops the job altogether. When I start my server, it prints a few lines of text, the last being "Quit the server with CONTROL-C." February 01, 2018 - 20:31:32 Django version 2.0.1, using settings 'mysite.settings' Starting development server at Quit the server with CONTROL-C. – the_cat_lady Feb 1 '18 at 20:34
  • @the_cat_lady that is a good suggestion, too! I would say that warrants its own answer, since it's another way to do it... – user Feb 1 '18 at 21:06
  • Unfortunately, Django launches a child process, which makes two process, which makes it hard to kill from a script. Especially because killing the parent does not kill the child. – Torsten Bronger May 22 at 6:06

One liner..

pkill -f runserver

well it seems that it's a bug that django hadn't provided a command to stop the development server . I thought it have one before~~~~~

  • My ISP provides a very limited shell that kicks me out on some commands, like kill and even ps :) Though I may easily execute python manage.py ... It's a pity to file a support ticket each time I need to execute a single command. So I agree – it's a must to be able to stop the server – p.boiko Oct 31 '17 at 15:12

As far as i know ctrl+c or kill process is only ways to do that on remote machine. If you will use Gunicorn server or somethink similar you will be able to do that using Supervisor.

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    ctrl+c will not stop a hearty infinite loop. – Marc May 7 '15 at 19:32

From task manager you can end the python tasks that are running. Now run python manage.py runserver from your project directory and it will work.


We can use the following command.

-> netstat -ntlp

then we will get number of process running with PID, find our python server PID and Kill process.

-> kill -9 PID

For example:
enter image description here


You can Quit the server by hitting CTRL-BREAK.

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