How would i check for a item and then allow a player to do something? ok being more specific one player join i have given a player item but what i want to do is; if a player attacks a player he can only do it with the specific item in his hand, a diamond sword if he doesn't then it cancels all damage so that the attacker can not attack the victim unless he has only a diamond sword in his hand? How would i write cancelling player vs player or enabling player vs player if the attacker targets a player?


Look at EntityDamageByEntityEvent.

Check for a Player attacker on EntityDamageByEntityEvent.getDamager(), then use Player.getItemInHand() to verify if he's holding the needed ItemStack.

public void onNormal(EntityDamageByEntityEvent event) { 
    Entity attacker = event.getDamager();
    if (attacker.getType() == EntityType.PLAYER) {
        Player player = (Player)attacker;
        if (player.getItemInHand().getType() != Material.DIAMOND_SWORD) {

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