I am trying to upload the blink sketch to a new arduino nano v3 (technically it is the iduino knockoff from geeetech) with atmega328 but I keep getting the infamous "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00" error... How can I avoid this error and get a successful upload? Here is what I know:

  • 1) I have installed the ftdi drivers according to the ftdi instructions on the nano.
  • 2) In the arduino IDE it recognizes the com port. I have both correct port and correct board selected.
  • 3) I shorted my Rx and Tx together and typed a string into my serial monitor and received it back as I should have.
  • 4) When I attempt to upload the blink sketch my L led flashes, the Rx pin blinks 3 times, and then I get the error message and the modified version of the sketch (I just extended the delay) doesn't go through.
  • 5) This piece of information might be inconsequential but my nano is in a perpetual state of blinking as if it had let me upload the sketch once... I did try to upload the sketch before I installed the drivers.

I think that is all the relevant information but ask away if it is not. Thank you so much.


Thankfully I found that it was a simple dumb fix after all. I got out the magnifying glass and upon close inspection of my chip discovered that it was an atmega168 and not an atmega328 like I had originally thought it was.


funny coincidence, i found this article in hackaday.com:

"Frustrated with one of the greatest failures to become an Arduino tinkerer, [psgarcha] took a good, long look at the Uno board. He glanced over to an Arduino Mega board. Something looked different. On the Uno, the resonator had blown off. Problem found, at least." link

Hope your resonator didn't blew off.

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    I have actually been having this same issue with 2 identical boards so the chances of that being the case are slim if both are having the same issue. The hardware on both looks sound to me. – Ben Stringer Nov 22 '14 at 21:21

Actually on windows platform this error is very often the only solution is to reinstall arduino driver


I am using Bhash Freeduino, what worked for me was

  1. The Pro and Pro mini setting
  2. AtMeta328
  3. /dev/ttyUSB0

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