I have a snapshot of a Postgres database named srcDB in a file named srcDB-cachedump.gz, obtained using pg_dump. The dump is from a production database, so there are a bunch of different roles. What I would like to do is make a development database called devDB, which has only one role, a user by the name of 'development', but with the same schema as the original database.

The way I initially tried to do this was:

gunzip -c srcDB-cachedump.gz | psql -d devDB -U development -W

When I ran this, however, I got many errors that boiled down to, essentially, "role does not exist." I would like to bypass the recreation of the roles in the production database if at all possible, as I have other programmers on my team and I would like the dev environment to be as portable as possible. I am relatively new at Postgres administration, though, so I am at a loss.

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