I am using $.getScript() to get a script from somewhere.

function fetch(url){
window.setInterval(function (){


However, when I look at the FireBug developer console, I have seen that it adds additional ?numbers. Here is the output:

<script async="" src="http://example.com/script.js?7330519448833367000&_=1416681336440">

The remote server has disabled the ? char from their htaccess. I need to use $.getScript("") to get the remote script, but how is it possible to prevent the function that adding additional ?numbers ?

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It's because jQuery sets caching to false (by default) when you use $.getScript().

From the jQuery documentation:

By default, $.getScript() sets the cache setting to false. This appends a timestamped query parameter to the request URL to ensure that the browser downloads the script each time it is requested.

To disable caching, add the following before the $.getScript call:

    cache: true
  • Where should I include it, inside the function or anywhere else ?
    – user198989
    Nov 22, 2014 at 18:57
  • 2
    Before the line with $.getScript Nov 22, 2014 at 19:02

$.getScript() tries to bypass the cache to always download the latest files. The numbers are a timestamp.

To disable this you need to set this propery:

    cache: true

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