cmd /C "myshortcut1.lnk"
cmd /C "myshortcut2.lnk"

Works, but gives me a pop-up DOS window which, when closed, kills my two loaded programs. Same is true for this:

start /B cmd /C "1.lnk"
start /B cmd /C "2.lnk"
start /B cmd /C "3.lnk"
start /B cmd /C "4.lnk"

Try start:

start myshortcut1.lnk
start myshortcut2.lnk

I do not have a Windows machine nearby to test right now, but should work.

  • Nope, didn't work – someguy Nov 6 '08 at 23:52
  • Sorry, I used the wrong command name (confused it with xdg-open). Please try again. – CesarB Nov 6 '08 at 23:56

Have you tried this?

C:\> my_shortcut.lnk
  • I tried this: start /B cmd /C "1.lnk" start /B cmd /C "2.lnk" start /B cmd /C "3.lnk" start /B cmd /C "4.lnk" but this results in a command prompt window that, when closed, kills my 4 other windows. – someguy Nov 6 '08 at 23:59
  • For me both "my_shortcut.lnk" and "cmd /c my_shortcut.lnk" works without killing the programs when the prompt window is closed. We need more info. What Windows version are you using? Have you tried what I suggested with a well known link (like the Notepad one in the Start Menu)? – Rômulo Ceccon Nov 7 '08 at 0:04
  • This has always worked for me too - just tried it again to be sure. We're not getting the full picture here. – Mark Ransom Nov 7 '08 at 5:21

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