Question: What is the difference between using and import in Julia when I'm building my own module?

My guess based on reading the docs: using is used to bring another module into the name-space of the current module. import is used to bring specific types/functions/variables from other modules into the name-space of the current module.

So, how wrong am I?


The Julia Modules documentation states:

The import keyword [...] only operates on a single name at a time. It does not add modules to be searched the way using does. import also differs from using in that functions must be imported using import to be extended with new methods. [...] Functions whose names are only visible via using cannot be extended.

(Emphasis mine.)

For example, you can use import to add methods to Base.show to pretty-print your own types, but not whith using.

There is also importall that imports all exported names of a module.

  • Very clear thank you (+1+Tick). I actually read that exact passage before asking the question, but clearly didn't decipher the meaning. Your emphasis was very helpful. – Colin T Bowers Nov 24 '14 at 3:11

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