I am having a problem with the mysqldump command in general (import/export). I write in windows command window the following:

C:\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin> mysqldump -u root -p nameofdabase> C:\temp\dumpfile.sql

and i get "mysqldump unknown option --no beep". It doesn't ask me for my password and it doesn't seem to recognize the mysqldump command even though I see it in the bin directory. What am I doing wrong??I have tried everything from changing paths to changing backslashes. Anything I have found online that seems to work keeps giving me the same kind of error. Any clues will be much appreciated...Thank you all in advance


You probably have a line in my my.ini (or my.cnf) file that says "no-beep". This is an option for the mysql client, but not for mysqldump.

If you want the "no-beep" option for the mysql client only, edit your my.ini file and move it under the file section heading [mysql].

See also mysqldump unknown option no beep


There is a "default" my.ini here: C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\my.ini.

It contains the no-beep option.

The MySQL Installer has my.ini templates for various versions in C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Installer for Windows\Manifest\Templates\, for some reason, all of it contains this option.

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