I have an OpenShift DIY cartridge so, i need to do some work daily, i read this article : Run CRON job every 5 minutes on OpenShift (Red Hat Cloud) and do it by making a file in : ~/app-root/runtime/repo/.openshift/cron/minutely/awesome_job.sh with content which is :

    #chmod +x ~/app-root/runtime/repo/.openshift/cron/minutely/awesome_job.sh 
    #minute=$(date '+%M')
    #if [ $minute == 12 ]; then
    minute=$(date +%M)
    if [[ $minute =~ [05]$ ]]; then
        date > ~/app-root/runtime/repo/www/sie.txt  


so how can i tell if it is working or not? ( or i need to run some app via rhc for running cron job in default DIY cartridge)

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I think you need to change

date > ~/app-root/runtime/repo/www/sie.txt


echo date > ~/app-root/runtime/repo/www/sie.txt

so that the results of the "date" command will actually get pushed into that file

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