We're developing runscripts and try to support something like brew install runscripts.

It's written in golang and have some dependencies which required to go get. Now I have no idea to write the Formula to setup GOPATH and run go get. Our project can be compiled into an binary but we need run --init to install it.

Can anyone helps to give an example about a homebrew Formula of go project?


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Fork homebrew, look at the content of Library/Formula/consul.rb. You don't need to manually generate all the resources. Use homebrew-go-resources. A more complete intro could be found here.


I have refer to termshare.rb and it seems we can simply go get and homebrew will handle anything about GOPATH for us.

That's great and I think my problem is solved.


The best I could find is how docker-swarm is added to brew: https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew/blob/4c6857b0e337b2d5afd49dcf7209b6b5091709f4/Library/Formula/docker-swarm.rb

It's relatively clean and simple to follow.


You can use goreleaser to generate the formula automatically: https://goreleaser.com/customization/homebrew/


Here is a possible work around creating a build directory within the checkout as the GOPATH:

def install
    system "mkdir -p build/src"
    system "ln -s `pwd` build/src/repo"
    system "GOPATH=`pwd`/build go get repo/mytool"
    bin.install "build/bin/mytool"
  • Very curious why this was downvoted. It ended up working for me. Jun 13, 2018 at 0:31

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