I am C# developer, and I use Log4Net logger for Logging my .NET Applications.

I have a log file at my Server. I use:

get-content filepath -wait

to continuously monitor my logs and exceptions.

It works fine, now I want to display the Log.txt file content in different colors. I mean if an exception occurs in code, the logger writes it the Log.txt file like:

Exception: An error has occured. I want powersehll to display that line in fore red

I am New to PowerShell, i tried this:

get-content \devvm01\C$\inetpub\CRMCustomPages\Logger\globalrescuedevlog.txt -Wait |Select-String "Info" | ForEach {write-host -ForegroundColor green $_.line}

but this will only print info Messages with green color, I think I am doing this wrong. Please advice how can i achieve the required functionality. It sounds simple, but i cant figure it out.

EDIT: tried this

get-content \\devvm01\C$\inetpub\CRMCustomPages\Logger\globalrescuedevlog.txt -Wait |Select-String "Info" | ForEach {write-host -ForegroundColor green $_.line}

But it will print only Info messages, I want to print all messages along with info like Debug, Exception etc

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    Seems to be a duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/6132140/… – David Brabant Nov 24 '14 at 7:40
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    Can you provide the full code of how you try to print the content of this file? – Amnon Shochot Nov 24 '14 at 13:03
  • I answered this question more specifically on the question @DavidBrabant posted a link too... without realizing these questions were linked. I use log4net as well, AND monitor using PS consoles, so the code examples listed in the linked question are geared specifically for that purpose. – StevoInco Mar 13 '15 at 0:27

Look at the following:


This should give you some ideas. You could use a

switch -regex

to change the foreground color based on the content of the string.

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