I want to build documentation site using Jekyll and GitHub Pages. The problem is Jekyll only accept a filename under _posts with exact pattern like YYYY-MM-DD-your-title-is-here.md.

How can I post a page in Jekyll without this filename pattern? Something like:

  • awesome-title.md
  • yet-another-title.md
  • etc.md

Thanks for your advance.


Don't use posts; posts are things with dates. Sounds like you probably want to use collections instead; you get all the power of Posts; but without the pesky date / naming requirements.


I use collections for almost everything that isn't a post. This is how my own site is configured to use collections for 'pages' as well as more specific sections of my site:

My config.yaml

My Pages collection


I guess that you are annoyed with the post url http://domaine.tld/category/2014/11/22/post.html.

You cannot bypass the filename pattern for posts, but you can use permalink (see documentation).


title:  "Other post"
date:   2014-11-22 09:49:00
permalink: anything-you-want

File will be anything-you-want/index.html.

Url will be http://domaine.tld/anything-you-want.

  • Ok, posts get special processing, but my site, built with Jekyll, does not use any posts. IOW, it is quite easy to have normal .html, .md or .textile files in your paths. My filenames are like the examples the OP gives. – Rudy Velthuis Nov 24 '14 at 16:05
  • 1
    Rudy, you're absolutely right ! An other option is to use Pages instead of Posts. – David Jacquel Nov 24 '14 at 16:13
  • 9
    You can actually bypass the filename patterns using the permalink configuration in _config.yml. For example if you just want the filename as the link you can add permalink: /:title.html. – igneosaur Feb 8 '15 at 21:03

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