I am new in HIVE. I have already set up hadoop and it works well, and I want to set up Hive. When I start hive , it shows an error as

Caused by: java.net.URISyntaxException: Relative path in absolute URI: ${system:java.io.tmpdir%7D/$%7Bsystem:user.name%7D

Are there any solutions?

  • Can you paste your hbase-site.xml and core-site.xml – Ashish Jagtap Nov 24 '14 at 8:21

Put the following at the beginning of hive-site.xml


See also question

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I figure it out myself. In the hive-site.xml, replace ${system:java.io.tmpdir}/${system:user.name} by /tmp/mydir as what has been told in https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/Hive/AdminManual+Configuration.


Change in hfs-site.xml this properties





restart hive metastore and hiveserver2

  • ${user.name} is definitely the best right answer. Makes you wonder why the hive devs broke the ${system:user.name} syntax. – Chris Jun 16 '16 at 21:55
  • I did the above changes in hive-site.xml (on mac). Thanks :) – gnsb Nov 22 '16 at 5:43
  • this is correct – y durga prasad Jul 3 '17 at 5:54

I too have encountered the same error while starting HMaster for Hbase. this was corrected by specfying the path to directory on hdfs where you want to store hbase data in hbase.rootdir property of hbase-site.xml earlier i was using only relative path.

path causing exception : hdfs://localhost:8020

correct path : hdfs://localhost:8020/hbase


Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: java.net.URISyntaxException: Relative path in absolute URI: ${system:java.io.tmpdir%7D/$%7Bsystem:user.name%7D system:java.io.tmpdir - path
system:user.name - username

Above properties are system level properties which need to set by user, So hive site template didn't provide these, required manual configuration.

Set the above properties like using property tag with name value key pair in hive-site.xml, Its upto user level to choose the location of temp


add property in hive-site.xml

  <description>Will remove your error occurring because of metastore_db in shark</description>

add java and hadoop path in hive-env.sh according to your system.

# Set HADOOP_HOME to point to a specific hadoop install directory
export HADOOP_HOME=/home/user17/BigData/hadoop

export HIVE_HOME=/home/user17/BigData/hive

# Hive Configuration Directory can be controlled by:

and also set hive and hadoop path in .bashrc

export JAVA_HOME=/home/user17/jdk
export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin

export HADOOP_INSTALL=/home/user17/BigData/hadoop

export HIVE_INSTALL=/home/user17/BigData/hive

Note-- this all files path are set according to my system , you should give path according to your system. let me know if not work

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