I'm testing the Instagram API for a client and am using my personal account for testing purposes only.

I registered an Application on instagr.am/developer/. When they asked for my phone number I just gave them a random sequence of numbers as I don't want them having my number. Then when I try to continue to Register a Client they say I must You must verify your phone number to create a Client ID.

I tired editing my Instagram profile with my correct phone number but it asks for my security code there again. And I haven't received anything on my mobile. I entered my number with both 00 [country code] and +[country code]

Problem is I gave them the wrong number. How can I fix this or start from scratch with the correct phone number.


I'm getting the exact same error, except I didn't gave them the wrong phone number... I've now tried with several numbers and from different operators and still no text message.

EDIT: I just managed to make it work, using this link: http://sms-verification.com/rec/%2B4796667263.php It gives you access to a norwegian number (+4796667263) and shows you the text messages. After trying with several numbers from every operator in Portugal and still getting no response, I noticed people was using this to verify Instagram, so I tried it as a last resort and it surprisingly worked!

  • This was the only solution I found that worked! Thumbs up and thank you! – user946742 Nov 28 '14 at 10:52
  • Can't believe they haven't fixed this still. Pathetic! – Saifur Rahman Mohsin Jan 21 '15 at 13:01
  • Shame that it is still not fixed. Is there a place to report?. – Damitha Raveendra Jan 23 '15 at 11:58

I was getting the same error too and I found this answer on another website:

'What Instagram should tell you is that you need to add your country's dialing code. For me in australia I'd enter +61xxxxxxxxxx. In America it would be +1 followed by your phone number. DO NOT ADD SPACES, BE SURE TO ADD THE +'

However, if you have already put your mobile number and you did so incorrectly, like I did, then all you need to do is log into instagram.com/developer from a NEW browser.

I initially was using Google Chrome, and I tried logging out then logging back, refreshing but each time still got the security code check. So I couldn't enter my mobile number in again.

I then tried logging in via Safari and surprisingly it gave me the mobile verification option, so I added my number in correctly this time and within a few seconds got my 'verification code'.

Hope that helps!

  • This should be accepted as the correct answer. The problem is that they don't validate the numbers or give any prompting about include + and country code. – Rob H Aug 16 '16 at 1:55

Edit your Instagram profile and update the phone number there.

  • I tried that but it asks for my security code there again. And I haven't recieved anything on my mobile. I entered my number with both 00 [country code] and +[country code] – Holly Nov 24 '14 at 13:19

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