I am interested in evaluating ASP.NET 5. I have installed Visual Studio 2013 - Community Edition. I am now trying to following the example provided here.That example uses Visual Studio 2015 Preview. Is there a Visual Studio Template for ASP.NET 5 for Visual Studio 2013 - Community Edition?

I cannot find one.

Thank you for your help!


ASP.NET 5 (vNext) isn't supported in Visual Studio 2013. If you want to test ASP.NET 5, you should install Visual Studio 2015.

Another option is to test ASP.NET 5 on a Mac or Linux machine. I was able to get it working on a Mac without too much hassle, and having Intellisense in Sublime Text was really cool.

Or, as Victor Hurdugaci points out, you don't need Visual Studio on Windows at all to run ASP.NET 5. The OmniSharp project has alternatives to Visual Studio listed, along with directions for setting them up.

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    An additional point: even on Windows you don't need VS 2015. Actually, you don't need any VS at all to create an ASP.NET vNext app. – Victor Hurdugaci Nov 25 '14 at 17:03

You may develop Asp.net 5/Asp.net core with the help of Visual Studio Code Without Installing VS2015

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