I have 90 csv files in a folder, each file quite large, how can I get the row count of all csv files in one text file?


If you don't need to use a python script and can do this on a *NIX commandline:

wc -l *.csv > outputfilename

If you really want to do this with python:

import os
import csv

dirname = 'directory/with/csv/files'
outfile = open('path/to/output/file')
for fname in os.listdir(dirname):
    if not fname.endswith('.csv'):
    with open(os.path.join(dirname, fname)) as infile:
        numlines = sum(1 for row in csv.reader(infile))
        outfile.write("file {} contains {} lines\n".format(fname, numlines))

This method of counting rows is about 5x faster than sum(generator-expression) with a one-million row file. It just counts all the newline characters.

with open(csv_file) as f:
    s = f.read()
numlines =  s.count('\n')

You might want to substitute into @inspectorG4dget's solution and see if it makes a difference.


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