Is there a way to disable scrolling all together in an iframe?

I have an iframe where the content exceeds the iframe dimensions, setting scrolling=no only removes the scrollbars but doesn't disable scrolling.

I don't have control over the head of the iframe-html, so I can't style my way out it.

Any ideas?


Have you looked at the css overflow property? the hidden value may help do what you want. Why do you want to hide this? Most times I see this it is related to bad SEO or trying to hide other info from the user.

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    My iframe has a body with a set width, the content that exceeds the iframe is blank - but when a user scrubs the area with the mouse the content moves. – timkl Apr 26 '10 at 9:17

Maybe you can trap the keys normally used for scrolling with javascript and stop their normal behavior?

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