Currently I render an Excel file with some product relations (the first column is hidden). These relations can be altered in Excel and then re-entered in my program.

If there are any errors (invalid data), we add an error in the first cell of the row and write it to the Excel file.

When I open that Excel file again (in Excel), the view shows every row from column B (second column). The first row has some data however, is there any way I can force the view to start from A again?

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    did you unhide the first column after adding the error-message? Adding text to a cell in a hidden column doesn't unhide it automatically. – cello Nov 25 '14 at 8:43
  • I've tried to perform 'productSheet.setColumnHidden(0, false);' , but that didn't work. – SgtSpeedy Nov 25 '14 at 9:19
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Fixed it through the following code:

if (sheet instanceof XSSFSheet)
        final CTWorksheet workSheet = ((XSSFSheet) sheet).getCTWorksheet();
        if (workSheet != null)
            final CTSheetViews views = workSheet.getSheetViews();
            if (views != null)
                if (views.getSheetViewArray(0) != null)

After that, the view had reset. So when the Excel file was opened again, the top left cell was in focus and displayed.

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