After a successful install of wamp server, I installed the sqlanywhere module(php-5.3.0_sqlanywhere.dll), and added it to the php.ini file as an extension. Problem is, after startup, the Wamp server throws the following error.

PHP Startup: sqlanywhere: Unable to initialize module Module compiled with build ID=API20090626, TS,VC9 PHP compiled with build ID=API20090626, TS,VC6 These options need to match

Point to note is that my PHP version(5.3.0) matches the sybase module(php-5.3.0_sqlanywhere.dll) Where might the problem be?


Seems like the module is compiled by vc9 and your PHP is compiled by vc6.

You have to match the compilers used to get it working.

More info here: http://windows.php.net/

  • Ok thanks let me try – Muniu Apr 26 '10 at 10:11

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