If I put messages on index "[logstash-example-]YYYY.MM.DD" then kibana can show the log message in charts but if it's on "[example-]YYYY.MM.DD" then it won't find it. (curl query gives back the correct result in latter case)

According to documentation it should work: "For example [web-]YYYY.MM.DD,[mail-]YYYY.MM.DD Please also note that indices should rollover at midnight UTC."

(Elasticsearch 1.3.4, Kibana 3.1.0)

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    It's not mandatory, you can put any name. There must be another thing – Pigueiras Nov 25 '14 at 21:53

You have to modify your kibana dashboard setting

  1. Click Configure dashboarad in Kibana on Right Top.
  2. Select Index tab.
  3. Modify Index pattern to your new index pattern. For example: [example-]YYYY.MM.DD

Hope this can help you.

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    Yes, I did exactly this but log message didn't show up even though the query is just "*" in kibana and also filter doesn't filter it out. – Balazs Varhegyi Nov 26 '14 at 8:26

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