I have a project that i use at two places(i dont use git server).

When i copy the project at second place i have to check-in all the files(but they have not changed), git shows me for example

@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
-#Sat Mar 06 19:39:27 CET 2010
+#Sat Mar 06 19:39:27 CET 2010








i did at both places the command git config --global core.autocrlf false but it doesnt help with this problem


You can try a git bundle and see if the problem persist.
Plus, you will only have to move one file.


Altough not answering your question - do not copy your git repo. Assuming you copy via USB memstick or something like that - create a third repo on the memstick (in 'bare' mode, preferrably), and sync your changes between the two computers via that repo.


I usually just git clone stuff between computers - if you have network access to git (ie, via ssh).

You can also use a third repo, either a public one (see github and friends) or a private one (I really like gitosis to manage my git "server") - this way you also get the benefit of having a backup.

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