I need a dump of a svn repository. I found two solutions

svnrdump dump


svnadmin dump

svnrdump dump is the same of svnadmin dump?

If not, what are the differences between these two commands ?


svnrdump generates the same dump as svnadmin dump. According to the red book:

The svnrdump program is, to put it simply, essentially just network-aware flavors of the svnadmin dump and svnadmin load subcommands, rolled up into a separate program.

The only difference between the two is that svnadmin dump operates on a file path to the repository (i.e. it should be run on the same server) whereas svnrdump accepts a remote repository URL.

An example svnadmin dump command:

svnadmin dump C:\repositories\repo1 > repo1.svndump

An example svnrdump command:

svnrdump dump http://example.com/svn/repo1 > repo1.svndump

The answer from Patrick is mostly correct, However the dumps provided are NOT the same. svnrdump by default creates a delta encoded dump file. While svnadmin dump does not. svnadmin dump needs the switch --deltas to produce matching dumps.

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