ASP .NET WEB API's System.Net.Http.HttpRequestMessage will be reused in ASP.NET 5 or re-designed one will be introduced? If so, what will happen to the former?

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Generally introduced classes are synced among the versions, and, as the HttpRequestMessage were introduced in .NET 4.5, there are high chances that the class will remain in API.

Right now on the ASP.NET 5 site on API reference page you can find HttpMessageContent.HttpRequestMessage, and it's is being actively used in API 2, for example, in HttpMessageContent class.


In ASP.NET 5.0, the request class will be HttpRequest. The default implementation of this abstract class is what you have linked in your comment. My understanding is that, going forward, System.Net.Http.HttpRequestMessage will not be used at the server side. However, System.Net.Http.HttpRequestMessage can still be used at the client side, for example, with HttpClient.

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