I need to replace "in a string with nothing.

I tried:

replace(mystring, """, "")

I would like:

String = " "my string " " --> " my string"

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What you are really wanting to do is replace any instance " with a blank string. To do this:

replace(mystring, chr(34), "")

chr(34) is the character code for a double quote. You could also use replace(mystring, """", "") that """" gets evaluated as one double-quote character, but I believe the chr(34) is much less confusing.

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    replace(mystring, chr(34), "") does not work for me with cscript on Windows 2012 R2. This did not produce an error from cscript. The script just terminated early. I could put in stdout.WriteLine just prior to this replace and it would write to the console, but the stdout.WriteLine immediately after this statement never wrote anything to the console. replace(mystring, """", "") is the only thing that ended up working. Feb 21, 2017 at 18:07

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