could someone please point me out the part of the route optimization for routes with more than 23 waypoints? I want to buy a 'Google-API-Maps for Work License', but it seems that it is not possible to optimize the whole route, when it has more than 23 waypoints.

For instance, if I have a route with 40 waypoints, that needs to go from Point A to point B via 40 waypoints, I need to create the following requests:

Request 1: Origin: Point A Waypoints: Waypoint 1 through to waypoints 23 Destination: Waypoint 24

Request 2: Origin: Waypoint 24 Waypoints: Waypoint 25 through to Waypoint 40 Destination: Point B

I would get 2 responses, the first the route from Point A to Waypoint 24 and the second the route from waypoint 24 to Point B. After that, I would combine these 2 routes to get one single route.

But what about the route-optimization? In this case I would not be able to optimize the whole route, starting from the first Point A to the last Point B.

Any solutions for this problem?

Regards Lenny


I think what you are looking for is well answered here. Unfortunately, as mentioned in the response, the work-around would involve a lot more coding but it will solve all your troubles without having to pay anything more than you already have.

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