Is there an option or a setting somewhere to control the timeout for an aws ec2 wait command? Or the number of attempts or waiting period between attempts?

I want to be able to aws ec2 wait instance-terminated for some instances I'm quickly spinning up to perform a few task then terminating. It times out on some longer running tasks with "Waiter InstanceTerminated failed: Max attempts exceeded".

I can't seem to find any info anywhere. I've grepped the cli source code, but my knowledge of Python is too limited for me to understand what's going on. I see there might be something in this test using maxAttempts and delay, but can't figure out how to leverage that from the cli.

So far my suboptimal solution is to sleep first, then start the wait.

  • You're right -- I did a test and it eventually timed-out. I guess it's designed to be used immediately after issuing a Stop command, rather than waiting for some long-running process to finish. – John Rotenstein Nov 26 '14 at 23:25

There is not a timeout option in the AWS CLI, but you can just use the native timeout command from coreutils to do what you want.

timeout 10 aws ec2 wait instance-terminated

will abort if the command does not return within 10 seconds. A timeout will automatically return error code 124, otherwise it returns the error code of the command.

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    I think that might work if a shorter timeout was desired, but I wanted to have the timeout be longer than the default aws cli. That said, I haven't tested this to verify. – pmac72 Feb 10 '15 at 18:06

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