When I run maven test, it works successfully. However, with the same project in Eclipse, it shows the following error.

Assertions mismatch: -ea was not specified but -Dtests.asserts=true

What configuration should be added or changed?


This is because the Eclipse project is not properly configured.

  1. eclipse preference -> junit -> Add -ea checkbox enable.
  2. right click on the eclipse project -> run as -> run configure -> arguments tab -> add the -ea option in vm arguments

Lucene uses the system property tests.asserts to activate assertions in its Ant build.xml.

If you run it with through some other technique than through Ant, for example with Eclipe, it will pick up the mismatch (in TestRuleAssertionsRequired).

Ensure that the values match by setting the same arguments in Eclipse's run configuration: -ea -esa.

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