Can we rename a file or folder in AWS(Amazon web services) sdk for android??

I have successfully implemented many features like upload,edit,delete,share file/folder,but I am not getting any docs about renaming a file or folder.

Any link or doc will be helpful.


Amazon S3 is a cloud-based object storage system. It is highly scalable and resilient, and processes over 1.5 million transactions per second worldwide. In exchange for operating at such scale, there are some attributes of Amazon S3 that make it different to a standard file system, such as:

  • It is a flat storage space and does not support directories
  • It provides directory-like structures known as Common Prefixes, which act like directories (for example, it is possible to list all objects with a common prefix, which is effectively the same as listing files in a directory)
  • The key of an object (analogous to a filename) actually contains the full path of the object

For example, object foo.jpg stored in directory cheese actually has a key of: cheese/foo.jpg

This also means that:

  • Objects cannot be renamed. Instead, objects can be copied to a new key and the original deleted.
  • Directories cannot be renamed because they don't actually exist. Renaming a directory would actually involve renaming all objects "within" the directory. There is no limit on the number of objects stored in S3, so this could potentially involve renaming millions of objects.

Therefore, there are no commands to rename a file ("object") or folder ("common prefix"). Use the copyObject and deleteObject functions instead.

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