I do a simple test for Vertica:

ha=> insert into test(Name, City) values( 'Nan', 'Nanjing');
(1 row)

ha=> select node_name, wos_row_count, ros_row_count from projection_storage where anchor_table_name = 'test';
   node_name   | wos_row_count | ros_row_count 
 v_ha_node0001 |             1 |             3
(1 row)

ha=> select * from test;
   ID   | Name |  City   
 250001 | Nan  | Nanjing
 250002 | Nan  | Nanjing
 250003 | Nan  | Nanjing
 250004 | Nan  | Nanjing
(4 rows)

The select operation displays OK (the data in WOS and ROSall display).

Then I write a simple program which uses ODBC:

ret = SQLExecDirect(stmt_handle, (SQLCHAR*)"select * from test", SQL_NTS);
if (!SQL_SUCCEEDED(ret))
    printf("Execute statement failed\n");
    goto ERR;

while ((ret = SQLFetch(stmt_handle)) == SQL_SUCCESS)

printf("Row number is %d\n", row_num);

But the result is:

Row number is 3

It doesn't count the data in WOS.

And the DbVisualizer also displays 3 rows of data:

Does it need some special option for using ODBC? Thanks very much in advance!

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    Have you committed the transaction? – Kermit Nov 27 '14 at 7:14
  • @Kermit: I don't use transaction. I can see the data from vsql client. – Nan Xiao Nov 27 '14 at 7:24
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    @NanXiao Transactions are on by default. Within vsql, as long as you do not quit your session you will be inside the default transaction and will see your just inserted data. As a very easy confirmation (or infirmation), do the same as in your question, but type 'COMMIT;' in vsql before running your odbc or dbvis test. Then we can rule out transactions for sure. – Guillaume Nov 27 '14 at 8:21
  • @Guillaume:Oh, yes. After using 'COMMIT;' in vsql, both my odbc and dbvis can see the data. So it seems my vsql don't commit transaction by default. How can I check whether vsql enable commit transaction by default or not? After using \h command, I can't find some information. Thanks in advance! – Nan Xiao Nov 27 '14 at 8:56

By default, vsql is in transaction mode. As long as you keep your session open, inside vsql, you will see what you expect, as you are inside a transaction.

As soon as you go outside of your session (odbc, dbvis), the transaction is not (yet) visible. To make it visible to other sessions, you need to issue a 'COMMIT;' inside vsql. Then (as confirmed) you can access data from odbc and dbvis.

You can set (vsql only) your transaction to be autocommit with

-- disable with

To know if autocommit is enabled, you can use show:

    name    | setting
 autocommit | off
(1 row)

You can even do it on your vsql call with --set autocommit=on. Is that a good idea or not is another question.

ODBC lets you set autocommit in different ways, see the odbc doc.

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  • I'm still asleep while you're answering Vertica questions. – Kermit Nov 27 '14 at 14:31
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    @kermit I have noticed it the other way round as well :) – Guillaume Nov 28 '14 at 6:21

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