I want to stream notification to the client. For this, I use Redis pup/sub and the ActionController::Live. Here is what my StreamingController looks like:

class StreamingController < ActionController::Base
  include ActionController::Live

  def stream
    response.headers['Content-Type'] = 'text/event-stream'

    $redis.psubscribe("user-#{params[:user_id]}:*") do |on|
      on.pmessage do |subscription, event, data|
        response.stream.write "data: #{data}\n\n"
  rescue IOError
    logger.info "Stream closed"

Here the JS part to listen to the stream:

var source = new EventSource("/stream?user_id=" + user_id);
source.addEventListener("message", function(e) {
  data = jQuery.parseJSON(e.data);

  switch(data.type) {
    case "unread_receipts":
}, false);

Now if I push something to redis, the client gets the push-notification. So this works fine. But when I click on a link nothing is happening. After canceling the rails server (I use puma) with Ctrl+C I got the following error:

ThreadError: Attempt to unlock a mutex which is locked by another thread

The problem can be solved after adding config.middleware.delete Rack::Lock to development.rb, but then I don't see any console output after pushing to the client. config.cache_classes = true and config.eager_load = trueare no options because I don't want to restart my server every time in development.

Is there any other solution?

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If you want to avoid restarting the server to pick up changes then I think you'd need to be running multiple processes.

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