I want to fix the configuration of my keyboard in Android Studio.

When I press:


Android Studio writes:


All of symbols are changed, I try restart Android Studio to resolve it, but after some minutes change the settings again.

This only happens in the editor of Android Studio. How can I resolve it?


I had a similar problem, but on this post I found that ALT + LEFT_SHIFT switches between languages in Windows.


As chamanv said, pressing ALT = LEFT_SHIFT switches between languages. It's windows that's changing your keyboard layout To change back, just press ALT = LEFT_SHIFT

A more permanent solution:
To disable this shortcut in windows 10 permanently, Open Settings>Time & Language>Region & Language>Advanced Keyboard Settings>Language Bar Options>Advanced Key Settings and then click on the Change key Sequence button & set the values to Not Assigned


This also happened to me, and is because android studio is changing your keyboard default language settings, maybe you triggered this by pressing a shortcut.

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