I am trying to connect to a MySQL server using Jdbc for Google Apps and getting an error as follows:

Failed to establish a database connection. Check connection string, username and password. (line 10, file "dbadmin")

The following is a snipet of the code I am using:

var address = 'w.x.y.z';

var user = 'user';

var userPwd = 'password';

var db = 'dbname';

var dbUrl = 'jdbc:mysql://' + address + '/' + db;

var conn = Jdbc.getConnection(dbUrl, user, userPwd);

I have successfully connected to the Database from my own computer using both the IP and Hostname. I have confirmed the server should be accepted connections from ALL IPs for that account, and confirmed the ruleset is working by removing the whitelisting and adding it back again.

I am basically out of troubleshooting ideas of what is going on. What am I doing wrong, or what is wrong with Google?

  • This doesn't seem to be in Java. Also you need to specify the port number of MySQL. – tonga Nov 28 '14 at 2:06

A typical way to establish JDBC connection is as follows:

String url = "jdbc:mysql://hostname:3306/mydb";
String username = "username";
String password = "password"
Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url, username, password);

You can refer to this for more detailed information.

  • Thanks, but this is with specifically with the Google Apps version of JDBC. – Maple Anglican Nov 28 '14 at 3:03

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