I have a csv with x1;y1; x2;y2; ... xn;yn in a single row. What is the simplest (i.e. non VBA) way, to get a scatter plot (x1,y1)->(x2,y2)->... out of it?

  • Idea 1) Maybe someone knows a (non VBA) way to transpose the single row into n rows just containing xi, yi? I know, how to transpose a selection (Paste Special), but here, I would need to transpose every second column item into a row. Can this be done without VBA? Note, that there are too many items to be selected interleaved by hand:(

  • Idea 2) Maybe the Select Data Source dialog of the scatter plot diagram is able to do this special data selection?


I'm assuming that when you open the .csv in Excel, each cell in row 1 is populated such that A1 = x1, B1 = y1, C1 = x2, etc. If that is the case then you can simply:

  1. Transpose the entire row into a single column. Paste the cells into A2 and then clear row 1.

  2. Apply a text filter on column A for text that contains "x" and copy the the filtered column into col B.

  3. Remove the filter on col A and repeat step 2 with a text filter on cells containing "y".

  • Yep, that works fine, thank you - and if I would have 15 points, I would be allowed to up-vote your answer ;) – x y Dec 4 '14 at 16:04
  • Good to know that helped out. Maybe when you get that 15th point then! – John William Domingo Dec 11 '14 at 5:39

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