I have created a LaTeX \todo{} command which outputs todo notes in the margin:


However, I'd really like to output a list of all my todo notes to the output console. I had written a trivial python script to parse .tex files to do so, but have since switched to using latexmk to handle recompilation. My script doesn't really handle using \includeonly either.

Can I write straight into the LaTeX console output from within latex?

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Yes -- try \typeout{message}.


You should definitely give the todonote-package a try. It writes all your todos into the TOC (if desired) and writes a .tdo-file with all the todos into the directory of the root file.

  • Thanks Habi, I didn't realize this package also created a todo list file! I might see if I can trivially switch to using it. However, I'm going to accept Etaoin's answer as it more directly answers the question.
    – kibibu
    Commented Apr 27, 2010 at 11:19

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