I have a parameters array:

$params[1] = 'param1';
$params[2] = 'param2';
$params[3] = 'param3';
$params[N] = 'paramN';

I have a caller to various functions:

$method->$function( $params );

How can I parse the $params array, so multiple (and unlimited) parameters can be passed to any function:

$method->$function( $params[1], $params[2], ..., $params[N] );

The idea is to utilize the url rewrite like this:


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You need to use call_user_func_array

call_user_func_array( array($method, $function), $params);

As of PHP 5.6 you can use argument unpacking:

function add($a, $b, $c) {
    return $a + $b + $c;

$numbers = [1, 2, 3];
echo add(...$numbers);

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