I have 4 states: dashboard, dahboard.main, dashboard.minor, login. dashboard is abstract and it is a parent state for .minor and .main states. Below is my code:

.state('dashboard', {
        url: "/dashboard",
        abstract: true,
        templateUrl: "views/dashboard.html",
        resolve: {
            auth: function ($q, authenticationSvc) {
                var userInfo = authenticationSvc.getUserInfo();
                if (userInfo) {
                    return $q.when(userInfo);
                } else {
                    return $q.reject({ authenticated: false });
        controller: "DashboardCtrl",
        data: { pageTitle: 'Example view' }
    .state('dashboard.main', {
        url: "",
        templateUrl: "views/main.html",
        controller: "DashboardCtrl",
        data: { pageTitle: 'Main view' }

As you see in dashboard state I have resolve option. By this I would like to redirect user to login page if he is not authorized. For this reason I use special authenticationSvc service:

.factory("authenticationSvc", ["$http", "$q", "$window", function ($http, $q, $window) {
    var userInfo;

    function login(email, password) {
        var deferred = $q.defer();

        $http.post("/api/login", { email: email, password: password })
            .then(function (result) {
                if(result.data.error == 0) {
                    userInfo = {
                        accessToken: result.data.accessToken
                    $window.sessionStorage["userInfo"] = JSON.stringify(userInfo);
                else {
            }, function (error) {

        return deferred.promise;
    function getUserInfo() {
        return userInfo;
    return {
        login: login,
        logout: logout,
        getUserInfo: getUserInfo

I check auth value in config :

.run(function($rootScope, $location, $state) {
    $rootScope.$state = $state;
    $rootScope.$on("routeChangeSuccess", function(userInfo) {
    $rootScope.$on("routeChangeError", function(event, current, previous, eventObj) {
        if(eventObj.authenticated === false) {

But unfortunately when I go to my website root or dashboard state I get an empty page. What is wrong with this code? Thanks!

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    The event names are actually $routeChangeSuccess and $routeChangeError (note the leading $)...couldn't be as simple as that?
    – Clive
    Nov 30 '14 at 10:23

The point is, do not redirect if not needed === if already redirected to intended state. There is a working plunker with similar solution

.run(function($rootScope, $location, $state, authenticationSvc) {

    $rootScope.$on( '$stateChangeStart', function(e, toState  , toParams
                                                   , fromState, fromParams) {

        var isLogin = toState.name === "login";
           return; // no need to redirect 

        // now, redirect only not authenticated

        var userInfo = authenticationSvc.getUserInfo();

        if(userInfo.authenticated === false) {
            e.preventDefault(); // stop current execution
            $state.go('login'); // go to login

Check these for similar explanation:

  • Note to others: The code in this great answer is what you need. The referenced Plunkr is nice, but is too verbose.
    – rinogo
    Aug 5 '16 at 21:17
  • This example only works in legacy version (0.2). For newer versions (1.x), please read this migration guide: ui-router.github.io/guide/ng1/…
    – terox
    May 12 '17 at 11:13

Since you are using UI-Router module, you should be using $stateChangeStart, $stateChangeSuccess events.

Check this link for more: https://github.com/angular-ui/ui-router/issues/17

Also there is a typo in consol.log(userInfo) in console.

Check the console in your chrome-dev-tools. It will give idea if something else is missing.

  • Thanks! Now when I go to root of my website without authorization I am being redirected to login page, however when I go to dashboard state I have an empty page.
    – Yelnar
    Nov 30 '14 at 15:08
  • Have you checked what the console of the browser says..? Nov 30 '14 at 16:09
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    I have the same scenario today, where my dashboard state has a resolve:; however, inside my app.js watcher ($rootScope.$on('$stateChangeStart'), it hangs on event.preventDefault(); . I get the Angular Infinite Loop error. Why is that ?
    – bob.mazzo
    Sep 21 '15 at 15:10

Beware that actually $stateChangeSuccess event is deprecated and no longer available in angular-ui-route package. Now, this behavior is handled by transition hooks. You could achieve your purpose using $transitions.onStart as follows:

run.$inject = ['$transitions', 'authenticationSvc'];
function run($transitions, authenticationSvc) {

  $transitions.onStart({}, function (trans) {
    var userInfo = authenticationSvc.getUserInfo();

    var $state = trans.router.stateService;

    if(userInfo.authenticated === false) {
        $state.go('login'); // go to login

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