I am trying to create a helper function in Yii 2. To which folder is the PHP file to be added to create a custom helper function in Yii 2 and how do I use it in controllers?

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You can put it in the components folder. Afterwards use the namespace to access it. For example

use app\components\Helper;

and in your code


Make the helper functions static functions.

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    There was no folder called components in basic template. So I just created a folder called helpers in app and followed your way and it worked.
    – user7282
    Dec 2, 2014 at 5:04
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    you got the idea yes, just make it to suit how you want it to work.
    – Mihai P.
    Dec 2, 2014 at 6:15
  • @MihaiP. Good answer, why should the methods be static though. I'm just going to write some of my own and not sure why you say this?
    – Jonnny
    Jul 15, 2016 at 10:34
  • @Jonnny they do not have to be. They can be however you want/need.
    – Mihai P.
    Jul 16, 2016 at 23:06
  • @MihaiP What is the pros and cons to them being static in this case?
    – Jonnny
    Jul 16, 2016 at 23:07

To create some static helpers do the following (these instructions are for the 'Advanced Yii2 Template'. Create a folder under common called components. Inside there create a class called something like: MyHelpers (filename MyHelpers.php).

namespace common\components;
// namespace app\components; // For Yii2 Basic (app folder won't actually exist)
class MyHelpers
    public static function hello($name) {
        return "Hello $name";

Don't forget to include it in your controller etc that you would like to use it in. use common\components\MyHelpers; // use app\components\MyHelpers; // For Yii2 Basic (app folder won't actually exist)

And to use it: MyHelpers::hello("John");


I did this:

*CREATE an Helpers.php in (is a function without class, for that reason is a helper):


p.e. I use a function to debug:

namespace app\components\Helpers;
// +-----------------------------------------------
// | @author          : Carlos Gomez
// | @created_at      : 18/03/2022
// | @updated_by      : 
// | @Version (branch): FEAT-001-2022
// +-----------------------------------------------
// Add ___ function.
// +---------------------------

 * ___
 * @param  mixed $xVariable
 * @param  mixed $bBreakPoint
 * @param  mixed $bDumpMode
 * @param  mixed $type
 * @param  mixed $line
 * @return void
function ___($xVariable, $bBreakPoint = true, $bDumpMode = false, $type = '000', $line = 0) {
    echo "<pre>";
        if (!$bDumpMode) {
        else {
    echo '</pre>';

    if ($bBreakPoint) {

2.- *ADD the autoload in composer.json with the path of the helpers php file.


        "files": [
  1. *RUN in terminal (In your current project folder):
composer dump-autoload
  1. *IMPLEMENT the function using "use" in the file that you need:
use function app\components\Helpers\___; //-> After namespace obviously


___( $variableToDebug ); //-> In any part of your code when you need to use the function.
I hope this can be useful to anybody.

For example, models->helpers->SomeHelper.php In your controller this helper will access like \models\helpers\SomeHelper.php

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