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My Node.Js app sometimes goes down (I'm working on solving the issue) but in the meanwhile I have a script (default one from WebFaction hosting), which is supposed to restart my app if it's not running.

However, it simply doesn't work (I get 502 page instead, which is also shown when I manually stop the app). I mean the app starts fine with the script, but then when the app crashes, it doesn't restart it, even though that script below runs on cron every 5 mins:

*/5 * * * * ~/webapps/infranodus/bin/start

Do you know what the problem could be and how I could solve it?

Here's the script below:

#!/bin/sh mkdir -p /home/noduslabs/webapps/infranodus/run pid=$(/sbin/pidof /home/noduslabs/webapps/infranodus/bin/node) if echo "$pid" | grep -q " "; then pid="" fi if [ -n "$pid" ]; then user=$(ps -p $pid -o user | tail -n 1) if [ $user = "noduslabs" ]; then exit 0 fi fi nohup /home/noduslabs/webapps/infranodus/bin/node /home/noduslabs/webapps/infra$ /sbin/pidof /home/noduslabs/webapps/infranodus/bin/node > /home/noduslabs/webap$

PS Another thing is that when the app is crashed, I have to log in my hosting via ssh, start the app with node app then exit it and only then start really works. So it looks like the script actually doesn't detect the fact that the script is down that's why it probably doesn't work...

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Simply use forever

[sudo] npm install -g forever

And then, start your app with forever:

forever start app.js

Your script will restart upon crashing/exiting, you can run multiple node.js applications using forever.

To stop/restart your application manually you can use:

forever restart [id]
forever stop [id]

Also, forever will store your application's logs in ~/.forever. You can easily read your application's logs using:

forever logs # list all logs
forever logs [id] # Tails the logs of id

forever at npm

  • Thank you! And if the app crashes does forever store the log somewhere? – Dmitry Paranyushkin Dec 1 '14 at 14:01
  • 1
    Yes, forever stores it's logs in a folder like ~/.forever/, forever will tell you what file it's storing the logs in when you start an application or use forever list – Mahdi Dibaiee Dec 1 '14 at 14:02

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