Can I invoke an option on a COM Add-in from a VBA macro in Word or Excel 2007? The COM Add-in was written using VSTO – it adds a custom ribbon tab with a number of options that I want to execute from a VBA macro.

  • I can reference the add-in using Application.COMAddIns("MyAddinName") but I can’t find an option to invoke an option.
  • I’ve also played around with the Application.CommandBars collection, and can see that you can execute an option using CommandBarControl.Execute but I can’t find my command bar in the Application.CommandBars collection.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

  • +1 +star: I have exactly the same question and would appreciate if anyone can answer it. – chiccodoro Aug 16 '10 at 15:01

In case you're still interested in the solution: I've found this blog on the web (following this StackOverflow question).

You can expose functionality within your Add-In by overriding the AddIn.RequestComAddInAutomationService() method and returning a class you want to provide.

In your situation you could define a class with a method which invokes the same code in your add-in as the ribbon button does, and expose that method to VBA.

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