I'm trying to update the src attribute of <img> tags so that the user can insert images to the code from our asset manager.

Consider this HTML:

   <img src="some_image_already_defined.jpg" alt="Some Image" />

So if the user places the cursor to any position inside the img tag, I'll replace "some_image_already_defined.jpg" with the new image user selected.

The simplified version of code is smt. like that:

var image_path = 'some_new_image.jpg';
$('#insert-image').click(function() {
    var cur = codeMirrorHtml.getCursor();
    var token = codeMirrorHtml.getTokenAt(cur);
    var inner = CodeMirror.innerMode(codeMirrorHtml.getMode(), token.state);

    if (inner.state.tagName == 'img') {
        var srcPosition = findTheSrcAttributePosition(); // How do I do this?
        codeMirrorHtml.setSelection(srcPosition.anchor, srcPosition.head);
        codeMirrorHtml.replaceSelection('src="' + image_path + '"');

So I want to traverse the token somehow but I couldn't find a way to do it.


Step 1

Get the current line number with getCursor:

var line = editor.getCursor().line;

Step 2

Get the contents of the current line using getLine:

var lineTxt = editor.getLine(line);

Step 3

Find the <img tag. This is just a string search and it's up to you:

var imgTagStartIdx = lineTxt.indexOf("<img");
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