I have a program that has its own prompt


I need to run a series of command via this program

example_program> command_A
example_program> command B
Please enter input: [input_here]
example_program> command C

I can send commands A,B,C via the following line in a shell script:

(echo "command_C" && cat) | (echo "command_B" && cat) | (echo "command_A" && cat ) | example_program

How can I enter in the input needed and am prompted for after command B ([input_here])?

I do not have access to send or expect.


I'm guessing this will work, but it's only a guess since we don't know how your program is reading the responses: use a here-doc, and put the input for command B after invoking command B

example_program <<'END'
command B
command C
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  • I tried a here-doc but it is trying to execute "input_here" as a command instead of supplying the input for command_B – Tim Dec 1 '14 at 19:03
  • @tim, what's happening after command_B? What happens at the "input here" prompt? Do you have any visibility into the code for the program (i.e. does it read from stdin or the tty or what?) – glenn jackman Dec 1 '14 at 19:52

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